Pacific Northwest Art School

This event has passed, expect new dates for 2020 coming soon!

True Colors WORKSHOP

Kellee Wynne Conrad, Instructor
Dates: July 29th – August 2nd, 2019 (9am-4pm)
Tuition: $700
Materials Fee: $25

This five-day workshop will open a floodgate of exciting new methods for creating acrylic and mixed media artwork. Join Kellee Wynne Conrad as she shares all the secrets to her luminous layered method of acrylic painting while at the same time digging deep into the creative process to help you discover your personal artistic style. We will not shy away from bright colors and bold marks. Learning how to ask questions as we paint and look for answers in each mark is an important part of finding your own voice.

From abstract florals to modern landscape, Kellee hopes to ignite your passion for color while using the most versatile medium ever created: fluid acrylic paints. Watch paint drip, run and flow with a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol and high flow mediums. Play with graphite, charcoal and soft pastel to make your mark. Scrape, scratch, scumble and spray wet paint for altered effects. Add touches of oil pastel, water soluble crayon and more. Use multiple stencils and mark making tools all on one painting successfully. Learn how to boldly use collage on your work or subtly hide it in paint to reveal new layers. And most importantly, learn to mix color like you never have before.

We will turn your play into several completed works of art. Everything you learn in this workshop can stand on its own to create new paintings, add new ideas to your current body of work or bring new life to your personal art journal. Don’t get bogged down in your old routine, let’s shake things up with paint, paper and play and discover your own “True Colors.”

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Pacific Northwest Art School

The Pacific Northwest Art School is an Art School located on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State. Take a workshop on the mystic isle of Whidbey. PNWAS has been offering exceptional visual art workshops in painting, fiber arts, mixed media and photography for 32 years.

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