The Magic of Oil Pastels

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It fun, it’s easy and it’s a medium anyone can fall in love with no matter your skill level. This comprehensive course is based off of the 28 February Flowers challenge on Instagram where on my artist account, @kelleewynnestudios, I posted my daily clips of painting florals using oil pastels. As interest grew, it was apparent that not enough people know about how magical and easy oil pastels are to create with, so The Magic of Oil Pastels was born!

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What to expect in this online course:

  • Comprehensive materials and brand review.

  • Foundation lessons in color, composition and design.

  • Printable quick guide for color choices and floral designs.

  • 4 Complete start to finish lessons with narration so you know exactly what I am doing as I do it and why.

  • Alternative uses of oil pastel in mixed media with demos.

  • And all 28 full length videos from February Flowers.

  • Plus a private Facebook group for support as you navigate your way through this fun, portable and easy to use medium.

  • Yes, you get to keep this course indefinitely and watch it as many times as you’d like.

  • I like bonuses, expect a couple new additions to be added to the course next month!


Is this Course Right For You?

Designed so that even a brand new artist could approach art making with easy and the experienced artist could discover something new about a lesser used medium, The Magic of Oil Pastels is a course has something to offer every artist. Let loose and learn to scribble again, with lovely painterly results. Using just few supplies and some good tips, you’ll be on your way to painting with oil pastel.

Oil Pastels…

  • Are a very portable medium. You can easily create on the go in vivid color.

  • Are an easy way to work out your ideas before you begin a larger painting.

  • Require very little setup or take down. And take up very little space.

  • Can be easily fit into a busy schedule - make something in only 15 minutes.

  • Are loads of fun to work into your mixed media artwork.

  • Are not mysterious and hard to use…they’re fun and with a few short lessons you’ll probably think so, too!


What is Your investment?

Until April 14th the ecourse price is Only $66

After April 14th the doors to The Magic of Oil Pastels will close to new artists until the fall. And when we reopen there will be more content and a new price structure. But don’t worry, if you join now you get to keep the course indefinitely, even when the new content is added! ….A lifetime of fun with no additional charges to enjoy as often as you’d like for as long as you’d like*!

But there’s more!…Enjoy your first month of the True Colors Art Program for FREE! You will be given the opportunity to opt in to the subscription program. You can join anytime and cancel if it’s not right for you. Your offer for the discounted Oil Pastel course will come after checkout with a one click option.

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What are you waiting for…You could be making art right now!

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*Lifetime means as long as Kellee Wynne Studios and Experience True Colors are in business.

Kellee Conrad