Color My Life 2018

This course is now only available through the True Colors Art Program

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The Big Project that Launched it all! Color My Life 2018 originally launched in April of 2018, but it’s back for a limited time!

This is a FREE online art course focusing guessed it - COLOR! Beginning Monday, December 24th you will have all access to Color My Life 2018, a complete two week introduction to color, paint and play with over 4.5 hours of high quality video and downloadable PDFs.

I want you to help me celebrate the relaunch of the True Colors Art Program . Watching this creative community come alive has been nothing short of a pure dream come true. Hopefully by now you know that I love to teach and encourage and inspire artists to live out their creative dreams. After we celebrate though the FREE ecourse, Color My Life 2018, you will be invited to subscribe to the True Colors program. I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

There's no obligation, just a whole lot of fun with a vibrant art community. What are you waiting for, your life deserves color!

More Details about Color My Life 2018

For the next few weeks we will be meeting online with lessons and high quality videos right from my studio. The intention of the project is to introduce you to new ideas and techniques in painting while exploring color. We will make “Color Studies” using materials that you already have or want to learn more about. A color study means that you do not have to make a complete painting, but rather enjoy the process by creating a quick project that might take between 15- 30 minutes. 

Everyday we will have a theme and colors to learn about. You can choose one or all of the projects to try or invent a new project of your own to share. Your project does not have to be the same as the instruction video, just follow along with the colors of the day.You will have access to my Pinterest board along with examples of what other artists have accomplished in the same genre to help spark new ideas. 

Questions have been enabled on each lesson and you can ask me anything relevant to art making and color. I’ll also be hanging around the Facebook Group Experience True Colors Community where you can ask questions and share your artwork. 

And if you are joining me on Instagram you can use the hashtag #colormylife2018 to be found for this course. I will be reposting participants artwork on the @experiencetruecolors Instagram feed as well as the Color Crush Creative Facebook page. Hope you follow along and support your fellow artists! Let go, have fun and make more art!

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When does the course start and finish?

The course opens December 24th 2018 and ends January 31st 2019 (re-launch dates). All lessons will be immediately available. You can enjoy the lessons anytime of day and participate when you' have time in your schedule.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have until January 15th to register for the course and until January 31st, 2019 to view the lessons for free and rewatch as many times as you would like. After that it will only be available to subscribers of the True Colors Art Program

How much experience do I need with painting?

None, or years, it doesn't matter. This FREE course is designed so that everyone has something to learn. No experience with art is necessary to enjoy this course. And if you've been painting a long time, there is always something new to learn and experience through a vibrant creative community.

What supplies will I need?

This course is designed so that you can use what you have. I will be playing with acrylic paint, mixed media and watercolor. It is very helpful to at least have three primary colors of paint - red, yellow and blue, plus white and a paintbrush and some watercolor paper. A supply video and complete list of what your instructor will be using will be provided once you enroll. But you are not obligated to buy additional art supplies.

How will the course be delivered?

All material will be delivered on a user friendly platform with easy to follow sections that allows you to mark when you've completed a lesson. You can use any device easily - home computer, tablet or smartphone.

Please note, if you have to enter your payment info , you have gone too far. Backup and scroll up to enter your code!

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