True Colors August 2019 Guest Artist: Tara Axford


instagram @tara.axford

As a mixed media artist working with monoprints, collage, fabric, thread and photography, I am interested in the push-pull 
of constantly searching for something... Are we developing something new or are we constantly referencing and influenced by the past? 

How do we know when the search should end, and does it?
I draw inspiration from my surrounds - both natural and urban. 
I find patterns, textures, imperfections. The forgotten, the weathered, the discarded appeal to me. 

My current practice is to explore my surroundings, the sense 
of place. I like to ‘zoom in’ on an environment and work with that. That could mean photographing found objects, ‘foraged’ natural elements and litter - arranging it to be seen in a different way. 
I enjoy abstracting the essence of a place to create something new. So the viewer can also experience something they may have previously overlooked, with fresh eyes.

As society is drawn to the shiny and new, I find joy and contentment in what already has been. Currently I am exploring found objects, patterns and textures and how it reflects the sense of place and creates a connection to it.

Kellee Conrad