True Colors July 2019 Guest Artist: Alice Sheridan


instagram @alicesheridanstudio

I work on a series of paintings at the same time and begin with no end point in mind which allows each painting to develop its own unique history. Working on wooden panels gives a resistance for drawn marks bringing the freedom of my sketchbook work. As layers build, this tougher base allows me to sand and scrape back revealing previous colours and this keeps a sense of surprise and spontaneity in the finished painting.

At the start I paint intuitively, adjusting the composition and choosing bold and contrasting colour. At some point there will be a moment where the painting starts to make suggestions and I have to ‘catch’ the clues it’s giving me.

It is essential to balance the early freedom with a sensitive and analytical approach to guide the painting to a resolution.

Towards the end the pace slows; changes become more considered and the colours become more refined, but I’m mindful to keep taking daring risks right until the end so the painting keeps that feeling of energy.

After my BA(hons) in Graphic Design I worked for a number of London design studios but the world of design was becoming increasingly digital and I missed the tactile satisfaction of creating a real object you could hold and touch.

Over the last ten years I have developed my studio practice, bringing new techniques from time spent printmaking and I continue to push my learning and expertise. This is no quick fix – it’s a lifetime’s work to explore and build a personal creative voice and I’m thrilled when this also excites others.

Each summer I take part in Artists at Home open studios and my paintings are owned by people across the world. My work has been selected by The Mall Galleries, The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and shortlisted by The Royal Academy. I also exhibit in group shows and usually take part in two art fairs a year where you can come and meet me, see the paintings up close and ask all you want!

Kellee Conrad