True Colors August 2019 Guest Artist: Nicola Tingey

Nicola Tingey Guest Artist for True Colors Art Program with Kellee Wynne Studios.png


instagram @nicolatingey

Hi colour friends! My name is Nicola and I'm a visual artist and teacher. As I write this I am as full time art teacher in an international school in Vietnam but my plans are changing so I'm excited to see what I choose to do next. Outside of my day job I paint and have been working on my practice with this for about 4 years. Before that I was very much into textiles and was making textiles art work for about 25 years. I always had a feeling that if had time to develop as a painter I would make that switch quite easily.

I studied fine art textiles at Goldsmiths university in London which was wonderful but demanding. I've always been making and selling work outside of my day job and quite like the balance of the two...most days.

My painting really evolved out of my love of photography and printmaking, studying texture, pattern and surface. I also still make textile pieces and products. My painting really lends itself to fashion, interiors and products but as yet I haven't ventured too far into those realms. 

I sell my work here in Vietnam as well as design for private clients. Most of my work is sold through my website and directly through Instagram. It has been wonderful to make connections and find so much inspiration through the community of Instagram. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and sharing our ideas and practice.

Kellee Conrad