True Colors May 2018 Guest Artist: Sarah Coey

Sara CoeyGuest May Artist for True Colors online art program with Kellee Wynne Studios .png



Art has always been my forever passion. My escape. My outlet to explore all the fun, magical and dreamy experiences of life in one expressive brushstroke. A colour lover from the beginning, I found myself painting in every spare moment and felt fizzy with happiness during these bursts of creativity. I wanted to cover the world in colourful paint, and spread happiness through art. This has always been my dream.

My unique style was created through playing with my favourite vibrant colours, and the exploration of expressive brushstrokes and wild mark making. Growing up in the Scottish countryside I was constantly inspired by the rugged beauty of the landscape, the combination of wild and tempestuous weather against the fragile delicacy of wildflowers. It is this combination of something untamed and something deliberate which I love to explore with my art and trying to capture this on canvas is passion of mine.

I’ve been told my art is full of happiness and joy, of magic and wonderment, of daydreams, stardust, rainbows and storms. And I think that is the most wonderful description! My abstracts are full of wonderment and curious possibilities. They enchant with thoughts of long forgotten fairy tales and whispered stories at the fireside. They awaken dreams of travel and yearnings to explore. But mostly they evoke happiness and joy.

2018Kellee Conrad