True Colors Guest Artist: Holy Platt

Holly Platt Guest May Artist for True Colors online art program with Kellee Wynne Studios .png



I am a freelance artist living in Southern California. I discovered my love of creativity at a very early age while growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I studied art at SLCC and the University of Utah. Now a wife and mother of four, I still find time to feed my creative spirit. I'm drawn to cheerful color and prefer to slightly blur the line between representational and
abstract styles. My focus as of lately has been mainly on florals and landscapes. I exhibit my work in several local galleries, and currently I am represented by SM'Art Studio in La Quinta, Ca.

If I could give one piece of advice to any aspiring artist it would be to not hide their work. Do not be afraid to share it with others. Whether it is a local gallery or on their social media, share it often. The fear goes away with time and then when that big opportunity comes for a solo show,
fear will not hold you back.

Also, have designated paint clothes, and wear them!! Otherwise all
of your clothes will end up being covered in paint.

Kellee Conrad