True Colors Guest Artist: Erin McCormick

Erin McCormick Guest May Artist for True Colors online art program with Kellee Wynne Studios .png



Growing up in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada, I had a love of colour. I tended to collect colourful markers, oil pastels and coloured pencils even though I didn’t use them often. With my father’s influence, I found a love of science and in adulthood I became a forensic scientist.

After experiencing a time of personal loss and sadness I knew I really needed something for myself, something I could concentrate on that would push me to feel human again. It was at this time that my husband suggested painting. I laughed at the thought of wet paint splattered all around the house, but one day I came home from work and he had transformed our spare bedroom into a little art studio. All I had to do was start painting.

Acrylic is my favourite medium but I also love paper collage and pastels.  I find myself drawn to landscapes and abstract work. I'm still learning so much every day - about techniques, colour palettes and using different mediums.  I’m always searching for that “thing” that defines my unique style, but that’s something I’ll likely chase for years and years. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the journey and I’m totally ok with my artist's life being a work-in-progress!

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