True Colors June 2018 Guest Artist: Taylor Lee

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Instagram @taylorleepaints

Taylor Lee is a color-obsessed artist and an advocate for mental health with a passion for depicting bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety through abstract floral paintings.

Pulling visual inspiration from Baz Luhrmann, Lisa Frank, and the pulsing crowds of general admission at a pop punk show, she explores concepts like maximalism, mania, and madness. You can expect a cacophony of colors in her work, applied in a jubilant disco of expressive brushwork. Her style is somewhere at the crossroads of the naïve art movement and abstract expressionism.

Taylor has bipolar disorder, and this is an important component in her creative process. She sees the world through the ever twisting kaleidoscope of mania, experiencing extreme periods of high energy and low dives regularly as a result of bipolar disorder. Taylor finds ways to bring the reality of this stigmatized mental illness into a celebratory light, creating paintings that are buzzing with energy, movement, and loud colors in what she calls her “celebration style.”

Why flowers? Plants are the epitome of resilience - they have developed defenses against freezing, drowning, being starved of sunlight, and more. Blooms symbolize a flowers success in overcoming all odds. It’s a celebration.

She was also influenced by Puebla City, Mexico, where she spent the summer of 2017 as an artist-in-residence with Mexican visual artist Francisco Guevara at the Arquetopia Foundation and International Artist Residency.

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