True Colors May 2018 Guest Artist: Viddhi Kantasaria



Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realised that art was truly a possibly for my life's work.

Now I'm an art teacher for local and international watercolour workshops,  and I sell my paintings in art festivals and exhibits. 

I believe art is an unique expression of creative energy with unimaginable possibilities. It's not possible to explore the entire gamut of these possibilities but for the past year I have been creating and connecting and discovering my limitless potential. Most importantly having a fun filled kick start to my journey - "Limitless Art ". If you ring the same vibe come join this journey.

2018Kellee Conrad