Hi, I’m Kellee Wynne Conrad

OwneR and your Creative Guide

Wynne (said win) is my middle name. I'm a redhead, I married a redhead and we have three redhead boys. It's never quiet around here! Art is my outlet and passion in the midst of a wild life. It centers me and brings me peace. I am so fortunate for this gift and I honor it with gratitude in every brushstroke.

A little back story - My childhood was all about running through sculpture gardens and playing in the neighbors' art studios....what was this wonderland? It's undeniable that my upbringing, while somewhat unusual, left me with a strong impression that we can live the life of our dreams through art. That there is magic inherent in living a creative life. My true purpose is to bring that magic back and share it with those who are longing to realize their creative purpose.

While I have had a lot of opportunities to exhibit with local and national galleries, working with emerging artists was what led me to finally fulfill my vision of an art education program. 2017 brought the birth of the True Colors Art Program™ (formerly Color Crush Creative), a thriving, internationally followed online community of color loving artists. It is through this program that I have been able to connect with the hearts and souls of artists around the world, discovering that teaching my love of color and paint is my true calling.

And This is Becca Bastian Lee

Assistant Creator, Designer and Resident Artist

Becca Bastian Lee is an Annapolis, Maryland based painter, photographer and creator.  An integral part of the True Colors Art Program, she has been sharing her artistic vision with the community since its inception. You can find her contributing video lessons, community support and to the general beautiful design of the entire program. We love that she’s dedicated time to provide her talent, but even more that she’s a wonderful cheerleader to the members.

Becca attended the Maryland Institute College of Art from 2004-2008, graduating with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Art History.  Since then, she has taken on various jobs including toy designer, children’s book illustrator, and high end photography editor.  Through all this, she continues to draw and paint in her “free time”.  She lives with her husband, Andy, and their feline children.  The support of her family means the world to her.

Becca is also a monthly CONTRIBUTOR to the program with the sketchbook files

Introducing Priscilla George

Project Manager, artist Encourager and Resident Artist

Priscilla George is a Watercolorist based near Baltimore Maryland. Priscilla loves the fluidity, translucency, and vibrancy of watercolor paint. All these characteristics help her express the way she sees the world. She is a nature and animal lover and all her work features one of these themes but in a detailed and colorful way. She just can't get enough of capturing the beautiful world around her and all the creatures in it! 

Priscilla started painting with oils and then moved on to acrylics. When her daughter was born she found it difficult to paint because of the intensive setup and clean up. That is when she turned to watercolor because of its clean setup and easy takedown along with it quickness to dry. It wasn't easy at first and she had no experience with watercolor. Before Priscilla knew it, watercolor felt like home. Now she paints in fine detail, and has fully embraced how she paints by tossing out any preconceived constraints she learned about watercolor and has made her own signature style.